Blair, Beanie & Giz
So you want to buy property on the coast of Maine? You've come to the right place.  The Blair Agency, located in the waterfront victorian village of Bayside, 4 miles from Belfast and 16 miles north of Camden, is smack in the heart of mid-coast Maine on Penobscot Bay.

How does a property on the waters edge sound?  Waterfront, waterview or the ambience of coastal living....we've got it all!  For over thirty years, the Blair Agency has operated a small, knowledgeable "mom and pop" office.  Hosted by Blair and Maureen Einstein as featured in Down East magazine in April 2004.

Whether your needs are buying or selling in Belfast, Camden and surrounding area, big or small, contact us.  We'll do you proud!

Few find their way to Bayside. Tucked discretely, as it is, a couple of miles off a busy tourist route, there’s no sign on U.S. 1 pointing to Bayside. Mariner or landlubber, you just have to know it’s there. Habit, word of mouth, invitations, and detailed maps get one there. Situated on Penobscot Bay three miles south of Belfast and 16 miles north of Camden, Bayside can be likened to Brigadoon. More about Bayside..

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Representing distinctive properties in 
Bayside, Maine and the surrounding Mid-Coast Area

Maureen, Blair & Gizmo Einstein
4th of July Concert in the Park in front of the Blair Agency
Classic Bayside Victorian Cottage
Rainbow over Penobscot Bay in Bayside
Bayside Boats on the Beach

Blair and Maureen Einstein
Blair Agency Real Estate